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About Our Community

We need to know and understand the needs of the community before we can work to create positive changes in our community's conditions. United Way of Henry County and Martinsville does regular Needs Assessments and utilizes current data and statistics to identify the most pressing issues our families and children face and then work with our Vision Councils and other local government, corporate, educational and nonprofit organizations to find the best solutions.

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How does United Way know where
to invest your gift to make the greatest impact?

How do we identify the needs?

Needs Assessment - We conduct periodic evaluations of our area's health and human service needs and resources.  This process includes surveying the public as well as compiling statistal data. The results are available to help others improve the effectiveness of their philanthropy.


Vision Councils - Community and business leaders, government officials, issue experts and nonprofit directors work year-round with United Way to research and identify our community's most pressing issues.


Programs & Agencies - We  asssess long-term and emerging needs, as well as gaps in existing services, by evaluating programs at local nonprofit organizations seeking funding from United Way.

How do we implement the solutions?

Education - United Way knows that one person or one organization can't improve the community alone. We educate the entire community about the local issues and seek out partners that can make a positive impact.


Smart Investments - Each year, United Way raises hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in local nonprofit programs and initiatives. Local volunteers spend hours and hours taking on-site tours, reviewing budgets, hearing presentations and ultimately recommending where United Way dollars will make the greatest impact.


We Take the Initiative - When United Way identifies an emerging or existing need that is unmet in the community, we tackle the solution ourselves. We have made it possible for individuals to receive food and help with living expenses, improved parenting skills and our children's ability to succeed in school, helped families stabilize their financial health, and given every local nonprofit the opportunity for technical assistance.

How do we measure the results?

Outcome Measurement - We require that all organizations that receive financial assistance from United Way demonstrate how they have helped to change lives. Simple statistics aren't sufficient. We want to know that the difference we're making with your generous support is truly accomplishing long-term, sustainable impact.


Common Sense  - We use common sense and our expertise to gauge the community's wellness. Census data may tell us that the unemployment rate has improved, but we know that our community faces challenges in finding jobs that can provide a sufficient salary to pay their bills or buy a home.