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Helping Your Community

Whether you're interested in giving help or need help, United Way of Henry County and Martinsville is where you want to start!



Help us build a stronger community by becoming part of the positive change your United Way is making in our community and making a donation to the United Way of Henry County and Martinsville. You can mail in your donation or go online at Your donation stays here locally to make the greatest impact and supports the building blocks of everyone's quality of life:

  • A quality education that leads to a stable job
  • Enough income to support a family through retirement
  • Good health
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Anyone can champion a cause they are passionate about - whether you're speaking out to improve education, income and health, reaching out to members of Congress, or wearing the LIVE UNITED shirt to show your support, you can help inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow.  So go ahead and advocate in a LIVE UNITED world. Do it in public. Be visible. Be loud.  

Learn about the critical issues in our community and where your voice will make a difference.



Volunteering is the number one way to network to find a job, learn new job skills and best of all, you'll feel great giving back. There are hundreds of opportunities right here in our community for any age, any schedule and any skill level.  

Browse all the local volunteer opportunities in Martinsville and Henry County.