A workplace campaign is one of our most successful fundraising activities, representing a significant portion of the funds we raise to invest in advancing the common good. Workplace campaigns provide an opportunity for busy employees to make a difference in the community. Employees are given an opportunity to support United Way and community initiatives by donating a small amount from their paycheck. Payroll deductions make it convenient for employees to make a difference in their community. In many cases, donations from employees are pre-taxed and some companies match their employees' donations, which enhances their charitable contributions.

Employee Benefits

  • Education: Campaign information about charitable organizations expands employees' knowledge about their community.
  • Improved Employee Relations: Running a campaign provides a way for employees to be engaged in their community. Participation on a campaign committee or event also can help develop leadership skills and boost morale as employees learn to set goals, work together and achieve positive results.
  • Investment: Companies and their employees may be able to receive tax deductions and/or credits from charitable giving as well as enjoy the ease and convenience of payroll deduction.
  • Satisfaction: Allowing employees to donate to an organization that addresses issues that are important to them provides greater employee satisfaction.
  • Workforce Development: Running a campaign provides leadership opportunities for the campaign, committee and/or event leaders as well as those aligned with affinity groups that empower employees to create new strategies to reach their networks.

Company Benefits

  • Community Leadership: Workplace campaigns create a bond of interest between the employer and employee as each are working for the community's best interest. Companies prosper in healthy communities and tend to stay and increase their employee base. Companies outside of the area are more likely to invest in communities with a well-educated workforce, attractive and safe neighborhoods, a strong school system and social services that address and reduce health and human service needs.
  • Corporate Recognition: Campaigns demonstrate to employees, customers and the public that community service is a company priority. Companies that participate in campaigns are recognized at events and in the media, marketing materials and other public platforms. 
  • Easy Administration: Workplace campaigns are efficent and easy to administer. Payroll deduction is easy for employees and spreads giving throughout the year producing larger employee gifts.
  • Enhanced Customer Relations and Loyalty: Market research shows that customers are more likely to purchase goods and services from companies that support their localities. Supporting nonprofit organizations and the community through the campaign shows that a company provides more than a product or service. It provides support for the locality as well, which creates good community relations.

Community Benefits

  • Education: In many cases, employees and their friends and families are unaware of the caring power in the community. Running a campaign provides an easy way to bring the community together, convey messages and exposes employees to opportunities and resources.
  • Expanded Outreach: Workplace campaigns provide new and expanded avenues for community outreach, making it easier for more employees to give and take an active part in vital community service activites, like our annual Day of Action.
  • Increased Partnership: Campaigns encourage cooperation and collaboration among charitable organizations and between companies and nonprofits. These partnerships help reduce duplication and build more meaningful community coalitions.
  • Delivering Impact: Funds raised during workplace campaigns go directly back to the community to address the common good.

For workplace campaign support, contact Frances Stegall, 276.638.3946.