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What does it mean to advocate?

United Way of Henry County and Martinsville believes that every person counts. This means that anyone can champion the cause and become and advocate in the community. Advocacy is about speaking up for the causes and issues that matter the most to you and promoting them to members in your neighborhood.

Champion the Cause

The call to LIVE UNITED means being a part of the change that we want to see in Martinsville and Henry County. You can help to advance the common good by joining the work in one or more of these areas:  

     Education- Helping children and youth achieve their potential through education.
     Income - Helping individuals and families become financially stable and independent.
     Health - Helping individuals by healthy, productive members of the community.

Get informed and make change. Lend your voice to champion the cause with a friend, neighbor, or a colleague. Improving Education, Income, and Health requires all of us coming together to solve the challenges in our community as well as changes in public policy. Learn more about the important issues in Martinsville and Henry County and speak out. We need you to get involved in changing our community. Encourage people to join the PTA, join a neighborhood association, write a letter to the editor, or just tell others about the value of United Way's Impact fund.


So go ahead - advocate and LIVE UNITED.