Healthy Living

At United Way of Henry County & Martinsville, we strive to support agencies and programs that are positioning the community to be healthier and more resilient, such as:

  • Promoting healthy eating and physical activity
  • Encouraging positive lifestyle choices
  • Offering access to quality health services
  • Integrating health into early childhood development

We also have found that good data analysis can challenge misconception. United Way is a hub for and provides oversight of a database called, Charity Tracker Plus, which helps human service agencies and benevolence programs tell a more accurate story of their delivery of services. To use this database, agencies become part of the Martinsville-Henry County Assistance Network, resulting in captured community data, stronger case management and a more formalized referral process in the community.

This network helps us to advance our Community Investment Funding Priorities in healthy living.

To join the Martinsville-Henry County Assistance Network, please contact Lisa Frick, 276.403.5965, and for a complete listing of our Community Investment Funding Priorities, click here.