Parent tips to raise strong readers

Growing Readers

The Virginia Department of Education has a great list of summer learning listed. Click here to see for yourself. A spotlight from this list includes literacy adventures each week (brought to you by Reading Rockets, Colorin and LD Online). These adventures are fun for the entire family. For example:

  • Investigate Blue Ridge Regional Library's summer reading adventure program. The library hosts free programs and events for all ages throughout the summer.
  • Extend your reading circle. We often find ourselves checking out the same types of books over and over again. Challenge your family to bring a new type of book into the house. Consider fantasy or science fiction, historical fiction, poetry, biography or an informational book.
  • Listen up. Audiobooks are a great way to engage and introduce your children to books above their reading level. Blue Ridge Regional Library has audiobooks available for check out, and an Internet search can turn up several sites, including, that offer free audio books for children.
  • Make your own audio book. Most phones and computers have simple recording apps on them which are perfect for making homemade audio books. Have your children make up a story or reread a favorite loved book. The recordings will be priceless.

For additional ideas from Reading Rockets, Colorin and LD Online, click here and truly get inspired.